Contributing Writers: We are always on the lookout for contributing writers. This is not a paid position; but if you make a suggestion that is accepted, we will post your article and credit you with a link back to you, your band or your company so long as it does not compete with the interests of We are looking for suggestions on additional resources as well as success story case studies. If your band has been very successful in some aspect of marketing and sales, please tell us your story. If we publish it, we’ll link back to your band site.

Current Positions Available for Independent Contractors (1099):

Promotions: We have openings for people interested in marketing CD replication, graphic design, mixdowns and mastering for We pay a commission of $50 for each referred CD customer, once their first project is paid for in full, and 10% of hourly services such as graphics or audio services up to $50 per client. No sales experience or heavy selling is required for this position other than encouraging clients to contact us. We do the rest. In order to qualify for a commission, you must not be related to or involved with the project being replicated and be eligible to work as a 1099 independent contractor for tax purposes.

Notice: Job descriptions subject to cancellation or change at any time, and nothing contained herein constitutes a promise of compensation or commitment to any terms whatsoever between parties.


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