The Recording Academy Membership (GRAMMYs)

If you haven’t heard of the Grammy Awards by now, you should probably consider another hobby or career. That said, the award show is probably the sum total of what many of us know about The Recording Academy, the organization behind the Grammy Awards. “Why should I care?” one might ask when pondering the glitz, glamour and predictability that pervades the infamous annual event. That’s a damn good question.

To begin with, active members of The Recording Academy get a fair amount of amenities in the form of discounts on music software, travel, publications and services as well as free passes to major industry events and invitations to exclusive affairs that you might otherwise never hear about.

That’s all well and good, but the real commodity of being an active participant in your local chapter is the opportunity to forge critical relationships with heavy hitters by simply being present at meetings. Case in point, a close personal friend of the CEO of recently got heavily involved in his local chapter and within a few short months found himself at dinner tables with the likes of Quincy Jones, Jimmy Jam, Phil Ramone, Isaac Hayes and Chuck Brown. Furthermore, his accomplishments, enthusiasm and commitment soon landed him an influential position on the Producers and Engineers Wing as well as the Board of Governors for that chapter, which in turn helped to broaden people’s awareness of his skill as a producer.

Relationships constitute the life blood of success in the music industry. Without them, you have nothing—no fans, no club bookings, no label deals… nada nunca, baby! Membership in The Recording Academy can take you places fast if you play your cards right and follow through with integrity. On the other hand if you are dishonest and shady, this environment will likely be the greatest catalyst toward your demise, since seasoned professionals can see right through any bullshit. Make sure you are properly prepared to do business with the major players in your region before diving in head first. If you feel you have something unique or valuable to offer your regional community, this environment may be exactly the kind of springboard you’ve been waiting for.

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