Digital and Traditional CD Distribution

Digital Distribution currently recommends ONLY one online distributor,, for several reasons:

  • They do NOT take any royalties from your sales. Most other distributors take a percentage. Remember you are already paying a percentage to the retailers (like iTunes), so distributors that collect percentages basically amount to a second hand dipping into your royalty pockets.
  • Their submission and storage fees are dirt cheap.
  • There are no crazy contracts that could threaten your copyright control.
  • Sign-up is quick and painless.
  • Album submission is a piece of cake.

We feel so positive about the business paradigm of, we can not in good conscious recommend any other middle-man model. gives you access to all the important online retailers in the least invasive way possible. Use TuneCore, and you won’t need to mess with anyone else (no they aren’t paying us to say this).

CD Distribution Our number one pick for physical CD distribution? Do it yourself! Set up a PayPal Premier Account, get your account verified (we recommend a dedicated checking account for this purpose), then follow the directions on their site explaining how to place a button on your own Web page, such as your myspace page. When someone clicks on that button, they are prompted to pay by credit card, and you are then notified by email on where to send the CD. Pretty simple once you have it set up. We also offer PayPal setup as part of our Red Carpet CD replication package, so you don’t have to do anything yourself should you prefer to keep your hands clean. Among the Web’s largest media distributors. Note:,, and even have all teamed up with Amazon. We’ve seen competitors of list these out like it meant something significant, but it’s really just a grandiose way of saying they get you into Amazon, which isn’t difficult to do on your own anyway. Amazon has made it easier than ever to sell on their site, allowing anyone to list items for sale. With only 5 CDs supplied by you to get going, they keep $4 per CD (which also covers the shipping to the client). You set the retail price and keep the remaining margin. We endorse CD Baby for physical CD distribution ONLY. For digital, we prefer

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