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Rhyming Dictionaries:

We’ve found some really interesting free tools for helping with your rhyming and poetry needs. If you learn how to harness their true power, inputting creative terms to yield fine-tuned results, you’ll never have to spend money on software that does the same thing. Using the following resources in tandem, you can find a plethora of rhyming words and phrases. Knock yourself out!

One Look Used creatively, this free tool will astound you. Use the wildcard pattern to yield overwhelming results of words ending in like letters (ex: *ing). This site will blow you away. One really cool feature is that you can search for rhyming words related to a specific subject. To figure all of this out, read the helpful notes on the starting page. If you really “get” how to make the most of this tool, you won’t want to put it down!

Prime Rhyme This is a very straightforward tool with a friendly interface. While it doesn’t offer multi-syllable options, its fun to use and gets the job done in a hurry!

Write Express Fairly intuitive, this site supplies basic results free of charge and is a good quick-and-dirty method of finding rhyming words. Note that they will try to bill you for more complex searches, but save your pennies and check out the next link!

WikiRhymer is a free online rhyming dictionary and songwriter toolbox. Members contribute rhyming words and phrases to the database. Includes acronyms, abbreviations, proper nouns, mosaic rhymes and slang.

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